Witnesses: Martinović was beaten by at least 20 SWAT members

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Witness Ranko Vukotic, who was in the company of Mr. Milorad Mijo Martinovic, who was attacked on October 24 last year by SWAT teams after they broke up violent protests of the Democratic Front, said yesterday in court that members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ) launched an unprovoked attack, and that at least 20 of them participated in the incident.

Charged that they committed the criminal offense of torture in concurrence with severe bodily injury and destruction and alienation of others things, stand two Special Unit defendants, Boro Grgurović and Goran Zejak.

“I have never seen such brutal scenes, not even in the movies. I thought he was dead, they wouldn’t let us approach him to help him”, said Vukotic, noting that the recording doesn’t even show the most brutal part of this tragic event.

He said that police officers who stopped them did not even ask to see their IDs.

“We were driving very slowly, like 10 km/h, but they stopped us, they pointed their rifles at us, and we waited ten minutes like this. When Mijo asked what it was about, one of the men told him ‘Now you’ll see’, while the other dragged me away and said ‘You can’t help him’”, said Vukotic.

Two witnesses with identical stories

The same version of events was told by another witness, Mladen Krkeljić, who was also present in the vehicle driven by Mr. Martinovic.

“Once we were stopped and dragged to the side, SAJ members appeared. Only one of them was without a helmet, but with a mask. He was the first to hit Martinović, from behind, with a baton to the head, and then others joined in. This first attacker was a tall, slender man, athletic, with a long neck.. I would recognize him if he were dressed the same way, and if he runs… He was being hit by 20 people with batons, he was being kicked around, and then they turned to the car… it was horrific”, said Krkeljić.

Asked by defense attorney, Zdravko Begovic, both witnesses claimed that the first blow did not come from the two defendants present in court.

The trial continues on July 5, when the Head of SAJ, Radosav Ljeskovic, will be questioned alongside several other members of the unit.

Trial for Ljeskovic scheduled

Judge of the Basic Court in Podgorica, Zeljko Jovovic, scheduled the trial to the commander of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, Radosav Ljesković, on June 30.

The inquest led in several cases proved indisputably that on October 24, police officers, members of SAJ, applied unnecessary and unlawful force against certain citizens, who have sustained serious injuries.

According to the bill of indictment, as head of the SAJ, Lješković assisted his men to remain unidentified to this date, despite the fact that he was legally obliged to carry out certain procedures.

Not only did he fail to carry out these actions, he made a pact with members of his unit to conceal all the facts in relation to their activities in these brutal events.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro