Wizz Air flights from Podgorica starting in August: 25 Euros to Milan or Munich

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Hungarian low cost airline Wizz Air will fly twice a week from Podgorica to Milan and Munich starting on 20th of August, with prices of 24.99 euros in one direction.

Executive vice president of Wizz Air John Stephenson, announced two new lines towards Podgorica, starting on 20th of August.

“There will be a line towards Milan and Bergamo airport on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting on 20th of August, and towards Munich and Memmingen airport on Thursdays and Sundays starting on 21st of August”, said Stephenson at a press conference of the Ministry of sustainable development and torism, Wizz Air and Montenegrin Airports.

The price of the ticket will be 24.99 euros in one direction, and tickets can be bought as of today.

“There is also a Discount club, which has more than 850 thousand members, with guaranteed minimal discount of ten euros for every flight and savings of five euros for every large cabin bag”, said Stephenson.

Wizz Air is one of the biggest airlines in Central and Eastern Europe, founded in 2004 and has had more than 20 million passengers so far.

The airline has 22 operational centers in 12 countries, and 420 active lines covering 124 destinations in 39 countries.

Wizz Air has a feat of 67 Airbus airplanes and employs around 2.6 thousand highly educated personnel.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro