Workers wanted to enter Parliament, the police intervened

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Former workers of the Aluminum Plant (KAP), who require severance payments, have tried to enter the Parliament by force, but police prevented that.

After the meeting with the President of the Assembly, Darko Pajovic, they said they would wait for the solution until Thursday. Otherwise, they would block traffic for three hours on Smokovac on Monday.

Police have used tear gas spray today, causing a few workers to lose their conscious.

Former workers have been led by MP of the Democratic Front (DF), Janko Vucinic, whom police told he may enter the Parliament with one representative of workers, and that they would be met by the Secretary General of the Parliament, although it is not the practice during the Parliament’s session.

Vucinic refused and said that he would go, asking workers to come with him. After that, the workers moved toward the Parliament, but the police reacted and prevented them from entering the building.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro