World Bank ready to give support

Finance Minister Radoje Zugic talked yesterday with representatives of the World Bank regarding continued cooperation in the field of strengthening the capacities of the tax administration, particularly in the part relating to the strengthening of human resources, improvement of working conditions, and the development of effective information base.

“Stressing the importance of this project, which in the long run should contribute to more efficient fulfillment of tax obligations, Zugic expressed the hope that the Ministry of Finance, together with the World Bank, in the future, would create a model of support that would be flexible, efficient and comprehensive, and enable the functioning of the tax administration on the basis of international best practices”, according to a statement from Zugic’s department.

Senior World Bank Public Sector Specialist, Sip Pradhan, conveyed to minister Zugic openness of the financial institution she represents to support the implementation of common goals that are reflected in the successful implementation of projects of public interest.

“Noting that the work of the two parties has so far been successful, we agreed to intensify cooperation in this area”, the statement said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro