World Bank ready to support projects in agriculture and science

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Ministers Petar Ivanović and Sanja Vlahović spoke to Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank Group Frank Heemskerk in Washington. He said that the WB is ready to support projects in agriculture and science.

During the last day of their visit to Washington, Minister of Agriculture Petar Ivanović and Minister of Science Sanja Vlahović met Frank Heemskerk, Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank Group.

Vlahović and Ivanović presented the results of projects that have been implemented in Montenegro in cooperation with this international financial institution and discussed the continuation of those projects.

Ministers were invited to Washington by the World Bank in order to participate in the Third High-Level Meeting on Country-led Knowledge Sharing, one of the most important gatherings organized by World Bank in this year.

Montenegrin ministers spoke of Montenegrin experience in separate dedicated to experience exchange in the areas of agriculture and science.

“It is a great honor to represent Montenegro at the Board of Director of the World Bank. We established a strong partnership and I am proud that I had a chance to meet two ministers from Montenegro, Minister of Agriculture Petar Ivanović and Minister of Science Sanja Vlahović. Projects that they are working on represent the best practice that can be shared with other countries. We spoke of more possibilities in the areas of agriculture, business and innovations, that would further improve the cooperation between Montenegro and World Bank”, Frank Heemskerk said.

Minister Ivanović put forth concrete data on effects of implementation of MIDAS program that relates to increase in employment, sustainable development in the sector of agriculture and decrease of poverty in rural areas.

Heemskerk underlined that agriculture is a sector with the highest multiplicative effects of support. Aside from direct support for agricultural producers in the amount of 50% of total amount of investment, MIDAS program served to construct the first customs crossing in Port Bar. Many laboratories were equipped, and a process of classification of objects in which food is produced was made. Continuous training programs were organized, especially in the area of veterinary medicine.

Interlocutors agreed that this project is set apart from the rest by its all-encompassing support to agricultural producers, while at the same time it strengthens the institutions in charge for agriculture, such as Payment Agency.

“Very positive experience and achieved results put projects MIDAS and IPARD-like along with those that can be shared as the best practice with other countries where World Bank is implementing projects. Also, we have been discussing the continuation of project MIDAS, for which WB showed great interest. It would be focused on goals that comply with policies of Montenegro’s Government and World Bank. Those are primarily the support for employment and production”, they said in the Ministry.

Minister Vlahović presented the activities implemented within HERIC project, in the areas of high education, science and innovations. This project is financed with 12 million EUR from the World Bank.

“This was an extraordinary opportunity to meet the man who is representing Montenegro at the Board of Directors of the World Bank. We got the opinions on implemented projects and suggestions for the following cycle of support”, they said in the Ministry of Science.

So far, the implementation of project HERIC has given exceptional results in increasing the quality of high education and science in Montenegro, and it is realistic to expect the project to continue until the end of 2018.

New support of the World Bank was suggested in the area of application of innovations in the business sector and establishing the first Science and Technology Park in Montenegro.

Vlahović suggested three directions for further cooperation: support in establishing the first Science and Technology Park in Montenegro, support to innovations through forming of start-ups and spin-off companies, as well as establishing new center of excellence, which would provide further development of scientific and research capacities and infrastructure. During the first cycle, over 6 million EUR was invested in this area.

Heemskerk gave full support to this initiative and gave a firm promise that he will lobby for Montenegro’s interests in the directions that were presented, especially because these projects comply with goals and priorities of the World Bank in the following period.

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