World Happiness Report: Slovenia,Montenegro,Croatia happier than Serbia

NEW YORK – Switzerland is the world’s happiest country according to a survey comprising 158 countries, including Serbia that ranks 87th preceded by its neighbors Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, reads the World Happiness Report issued in New York.

The land of chocolate is closely followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada.

The World Happiness Report ranks Slovenia 55th, Croatia 62nd and Montenegro 83rd.

Macedonia (93rd), Albania (95th) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (96th) are less happy than Serbia.

The World Happiness Report is released for the third year in a row with an eye to influencing government policy. It was first launched by the United Nations in 2012.


this report is showing the people of Iceland as the second happiest. This despite the fact, that Iceland was in very deep financial crisis, approximately 7 years ago. (see video “Inside Job” from Charles Ferguson) Iceland did chose to solve the crisis by themselves, without the “help” of EU, IMF, Goldman Sachs and other “frenz”.
This is in sharp contrast to Greece, constantly “helped” by EU and IMF, ranking presently 102nd in happiness.
Long story short, if a country is in deep economic trouble, “help” from EU will not necessarily improve happiness..

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)