Year of NATO challenges ahead of us

President of the Montenegrin Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, congratulated the citizens of Montenegro New year 2015, whether they are in their own country, and to those scattered throughout the white world.

Saying that “years of hard living” is behind us, Krivokapic said that the sense of survival “must not come upon us”.

“We can do more and better to create richer life for our children, for Montenegro. Before us is the NATO challenge year of 2015. But let us recall, 70 years passed since the World War II, more importantly, only 20 years passed since we won Balkan fascism. Peace is the basis for all development, peace is the foundation of sustainable development. That development will bring us not only our harmony, our multi-ethnic tradition, but also the respect of European”, Krivokapic said in the greeting.

Krivokapic stated that the justice was the main virtue that guarded Montenegro.

“We are not fighting for justice and rule of law because others want us to, but because we want to be worthy citizens, proud people and prominent members of the European Union. Our artists celebrated our country once again. Marina Abramovic celebrated Montenegro worldwide. Vojo Stanic warmed us at home giving us the spirituality. I wish you to celebrate holidays in that spirituality, to build your family in that manner, and that will bring good to your children and to Montenegro’’, Krivokapic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro