You are asking: What do you know about the Key coalition? Miodrag Lekic is waiting for your most interesting questions!

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Do you think you don’t have enough information about the election campaign? Do you think politicians avoid certain topics? Have they forgotten some of them? Do you think there are areas they haven’t declared about yet and you want to personally ask them about that? The CDM news portal provides the possibility to ask today!

The first candidate on the Key coalition’s list, Miodrag Lekic, is the first to respond to your questions.

Ask him everything you wanted to know about the Key coalition until 3pm today.

Questions should be left in the comments on this news and Lekic will respond to ten questions which are, in our opinion, the most interesting.

Lekic’s answers will be published tomorrow.

You have the floor! You are asking.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro