You cannot win for 25 years using tricks

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Montenegro will answer the challenges of new times as part of the European Union (EU) and NATO, because such a choice would bring welfare to the country and the people, said Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. He said that those who think one could not win for 25 years through tricks live in the illusion.

Djukanovic said that restoring Montenegro’s independence was not “a mere national romanticism,” but the idea designed to manage the future. “We knew that we wanted that future to be European and Euro-Atlantic”, he said during a lecture at the University of Iceland.

He said he believed that the Balkans require the integration and that overall history indicates that there are no reliable self-regulatory mechanisms of stability.

“In our opinion the way of strengthening stability, the path to integration and overall policy of Montenegro is a policy of good example which way to go for the rest of the region,” said Djukanovic.

He said that he was glad that region understood this need and now all Balkan countries see their future in the EU and all countries, except Serbia, see their future in NATO.

Djukanovic said that Montenegro, for four years, ever since it opened the first chapter with the EU made a “good job”. “The aim of the negotiation process with the EU is not a quick achievement of membership. We do not see the path of negotiation as a path that should be run through, but it is a valuable learning process for our country, ” Djukanovic said, adding that Montenegro is increasingly European in relation to its past.

He said there was no doubt that Montenegro will be the next member of the EU, because it advanced far compared to other aspirants for membership.

“We understand Brexit, or Iceland’s decision to suspend the candidacy, but in Montenegro we live in the belief that EU membership is a good choice for the Western Balkans,” Djukanovic said. He believes that Europe will be more competitive on the global stage if it is united and not fragmented by the interests of all European states.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro