You think someone is trying to sway your vote? These are the things no one can do today

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On the day of parliamentary elections there are things voters, parties and polling boards are not allowed to do. CDT prepared for CdM a list of crime acts and misdemeanors in electoral process.

Crime acts:

• Using threats, blackmails and coercion to influence voters

• Receive or give or promise a gift or some other benefit in order to influence voters;

• Ask that voters state who they voted or explain why they did or did not vote;

• Vote using another person’s identity;

• Use more than one ballot;

• Use force or threat to prevent polling;

• Create disturbances at the polling station in order to stop voting;

• Prevent or disturb control of the process for the observers;

• Break voting secrecy;

• Change numbers of ballots or otherwise publish false results;

• Take, damage or cover ballot or some other voting document;

Misdemeanors in procedure:

• Do public polling at the polling station or within 100 meters from the station;

• Use media and public gatherings for propaganda;

• Come to the polling station armed;

• Feature political parties symbols or other propaganda material that can influence voters, at the polling station or within 100 meters around it;

• Vote publicly out of the polling booth or show the ballot to the polling board;

• Use electronic devices (phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc) in the polling booth;

• Make any kind of lists of voters who voted or use the copy of election register or any other form of voters register:

• Keep at the polling station people who have no rights or duties in the election process;

• Police officers cannot vote or enter polling stations in uniform, unless on official business;

• Print unique serial number on the ballot

• Vote without identification;

• Polling board must not influence voters in any way;

• To accept incomplete ballots, indeterminable ballots;

• Number of ballots in the box cannot be higher than the number of voters in the register;

• Number of ballots in the box cannot be higher than the number of control coupons;

• Number of ballots in the box cannot be higher than the number of signed control coupons;

• Show coupons with same serial number or one that does not belong to that polling station;

Prosecution will be vigilant. Every Prosecution office will be on call during election day, it was stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro