Youth to heal the wounds of the past

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Young people is not responsible for anything previous generations did and they have a moral duty to heal the wounds of the past through joint cooperation- that was the message of the conference “Regional Cooperation Office for Youth Cooperation – Challenges of the Establishment.”

President of the Montenegrin Assembly Darko Pajovic said that, although the Balkans is united geographical area, the political situation and the will of generations have caused formation of new national identities in the area.

Pajovic considers that the earlier political community was imposed, ideology, despite all the good things, repressive, and unity of the people violated.

“A repressive state not only can not impose harmony but addititonaly undermines the potential for it which naturally exists in our region,” said Pajovic.

He said that the potential for harmony in the region still exist. “But this potential must be based on the natural closeness of peoples and all nations that live in it, and not compulsion.”

Pajovic is convinced that each national community has to sincerely work to improve these relations and that it was the task for both current and future generations.

He said that young people are not responsible for all the generations before them have done and that they have a moral obligation to erase the wounds of the past because, as he said, without mutual cooperation no one would prosper.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro