You’ve done a lot, the real work lies ahead

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Montenegro has made a progress since the restoration of Independence, not only in terms of European integration, said for Radio Montenegro, Head of EU Delegation in Podgorica Mitja Drobnic.

He believes that the previous decade was dynamic, and that in this period, some processes were completed, while others have started.

“Certain processes are prepared to end any time soon, but some will be more durable, as it is the process of European integration, because it is in its nature, and it takes a lot more. Therefore, that period was dynamic and created the basis for further economic and political development of the country, but also the development of Montenegro as a factor in international relations. You are the example of a successful candidate that contributes to the credibility of the European Union and its enlargement policy. Montenegro made a step further every year and every year a new report of the European Commission noted progress. And that’s important. “Drobnic said.

According to him, the rule of law, reform of public administration and economic management are the priorities on the road towards EU membership .

He said that Montenegro is a good and reliable partner of Brussels.

“Montenegro and the European Union have already cooperated in the field of international relations, before the full membership, ” Drobnic says.

He reminded on a fact that the European Union has supported the process of political agreement in the Montenegrin parliament, aimed at improving the electoral environment.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro