Zakharova: Russia will have to respond to Montenegro’s involvement in NATO

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NATO’s attempts to change the military and political landscape in Europe affect Russia’s interests and force it to respond proportionately, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said after signing of Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol.

At a briefing for journalists, she said that the protocol “merely confirmed the intention of Brussels to accelerate the admission process to the maximum extent and make it irreversible”, Russian news agency TASS carried.

As Zakharova said, the efforts to “artificially drag” Podgorica into the alliance are proceeding against the background of backstage deals with Montenegro’s top officials.

She added that it was contrary to the opinion of the country’s people and in bypass of the democratic principles and procedures “NATO was ostensibly firmly committed to”.

Twenty-eight members of the alliance have signed the protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO in Brussels.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro