Žarko Rakčevič will not be MP

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President of Citizens Movement URA Žarko Rakčević will not be MP in the future mandate of the Parliament of Montenegro. Pobjeda learns that he made this decision public during heated session of Coordinative board held two days ago in Podgorica.

Rakčević stepping down means that URA will be represented by Dritan Abazović and Neđeljko Rudović. The session’s conclusions were that after elections and results analysis, changes need to happen at the top of the party.


Rakčević accepted joint responsibility for the terrible results at the elections. He said that he believed campaign was bad and he was not certain that forming a coalition with Demos and SNP was a good idea on such a short notice, source from URA said to Pobjeda.

Coalition Ključ did not fare well at the elections, winning only 10,5% of support or 40.130 votes. This result gave the coalition 9 mandates, of which URA got 2.

Before the coalition was made, public opinion gave URA 8% of support.

“Every research of public opinion gave us a good result. Therefore, this result is very bad”, the source said.

According to Pobjeda, loudest grievances came from professor Tatjana Bečanović that blamed Abazović and Rudović for the results.

“They were accused of some kind of nepotism, because they put their own people in the campaign team”, the source said.


Professor Bečanović was not on the list of URA, to the surprise of many, because she held a very significant position as an opposition controller in Ministry of Education.

Not even strong media support helped

URA could not achieve a good result even with the help given to Kljuc coalition by key opposition media.

“Our result was very bad and it warrants a very detailed analysis”, the source said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro