Žugić: If the Buljarica offer fails, we will have only mosquitoes

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If the offer of CDC International Corporation fails, I am afraid that the only thing we will have from Buljarica are the mosquitoes, said for Dnevne Novine daily Radoje Zugic, President of the Tender Commission for Buljarica.

In an interview with DN, former Minister of Finance said that the legal team of the Tender Commission is currently assessing offer’s compliance with formal conditions, and that their work will be made transparent if the offer is found to be adequate.

He recommended that the critics, when they already have a solution for everything, find a new investor under approximately the same conditions.

“If they cannot, then they should stop hindering the investment which will significantly affect the quality of life. Because if this offer fails, I fear that we will get from Buljarica only the mosquitoes”, warned Žugić.

Offer of the Qatari company CDC International Corporation, which was opened this Monday, is the only offer received on the international tender for the valorization of Buljarica. The tender offered the sale of about 4.9 million square meters of land in the municipalities of Budva and Bar, at a minimum price of 108.76 euros. The land in the coastal zone was offered for long-term lease at a price of two euros per square meter, or 1.77 euros per square meter in the straits.

The details of the Qatari offer are not yet known, but the company said they would build a new city with a luxury marina, investing between 300 and 500 million euros in the next 15 to 20 years. The project would include a dozen highly-branded hotels, which in itself would increase the value of the surrounding land, bring taxes to the country, open employment opportunities, better the quality of life, help preserve cultural-historical monuments, especially religious property, and what is most important for residents – free access to the new, exclusive beach.

Tender for valorization of Buljarica was published on May 12, 2016, but was changed two days later. After its publication, citizens’ groups and NGOs sued the Government, the Privatization Council and the Tender Commission to the Administrative Court, for alleged sale of private property, demanding the annulment of the public tender. The complaint was rejected as inadmissible.

International tender was the reason for filing of numerous changes against government officials have announced, and its stopping was also sought by opposition parties.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro