Žugić: Tax debts not a secret, we first punished "party comrades"

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Advisor to the Prime Minister and the former Minister of Finance, Radoje Zugic, said in an interview for Pobjeda daily that it’s not true that tax debts have been declared secret.

New deputy Prime Minister, Milorad Vujovic, accused Mr. Žugić of declaring tax debts secret, allegedly to conceal multimillion debts of DPS “party comrades”. Žugić replied it was exactly “party comrades” who were punished first.

“These accusations are absolutely groundless and arbitrary claims. I have to be blunt in order to explain these lies are imaginary.. During my mandate, we established the Commission for gray economy, and run a project “Be responsible” for which we received numerous international awards and recognitions, in Washington, London… Weekly, we used the public broadcasting service to send reports to the public about any and all tax irregularities, completely indiscriminately and with zero tolerance. First we punish our “party comrades”, to give example to others. I think we’re the most transparent country in the region when it comes to this area of ​​fiscal policy”, Žugić said for Pobjeda.

He pointed out that there are nine systemic measures for full transparency of tax arrears.

“We publish the so called white and black lists of tax payers, evidencing full transparency since July 1, 2013. We have strengthened tax administration and all inspection structures. However, two key documents were not adopted. The parliament did not pass our proposal to make payment of net earnings a criminal offense. The whole region has this measure, but not us. In Europe, this is not even a question”, said Žugić, explaining that the second act that was not adopted at the time was his proposal to allow reprogramming of tax liabilities, based on the principle of good banking practice with guarantees, collaterals, business plans and consolidation.

“Today we have this act, but with a significant delay after the opinion of the Constitutional Court”, said Zugic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro