Property Market – Montenegro – On sale estate in village Brajici , Brajići, Opština Budva

Property for sale at Brajici, 15 km from Budva, situated about 300 meters from the main road Cetinje-Budva, at an altitude of 900 m above sea. TPB The property consists of a family house total usable area of about 90 m2 (basement + ground floor + first floor), decorated yard area of 348 m² with a small swimming pool, land above the courtyard area of 1730 m² (meadow), and the land beneath the courtyard area of 789 m², the estate is located at 10 meters from the local well, the house has electricity and connected to the local water supply from spring water, stream flows through the property, a lot of greens, paved road leads from the main road to the estate, the property is fenced, with view to the sea and to the ruins of the Old forth Kosmac.

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