Church of St. salvation, Krtoli

Krtoljska Sv.Spasa church, was long cathedral tuber. The church has, until recently, contained avg jovjekovne frescoes, which disappeared after the enlargement of the church. The altar randy well- preserved frescoes, the work of Boka Kotorska icon painters Rafailovići about 1,767 years. When the Turks in 1657 attacked Tubers and Lustica many residents took shelter on the island Coating, Stradioti a clam. Defending the Church of Sv.Spasa Turks bravely died and pop Vukic Stegić from the tubers. That the church in the life of Krtola played a very important role is evident in the inscription on, a silver studded cane, wearing krtoljski chief as a sign of power. The inscription on the old n Hashem language reads: ” Komunita Krtoljska of the Ascension of Christ, in 1804. ” .

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