The Old Mill (Stari Mlin) – feel the real spirit of the Montenegrian traditions and taste the national cuisine

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The Stari Mlin estate (Old Mill) located on the Lustica peninsula allows to feel the real spirit of the Montenegrian traditions during tasting the national cuisine.

The Stari Mlin household is located in the village of Zabrdje on the Lustica peninsula and is one of those unique places where one can fully feel the spirit of the national traditions of Montenegro. On entering the estate you will be conquered by the magic smells of the homemade dishes and the hospitality of the Stojkovic family which along with the stunning view of the Boka-Kotor bay will leave nobody indifferent.

From this place people take the best memories, which never fade and which are passed along to further generations.

We had an interview with Jovan Stojkovic – the youngest member of the family who told us the story that was the beginning of the family business.

“Initially this idea came to my mother when she married my father and moved to Lustice and saw a great potential in all the saved values – social and material. The original idea stayed unchanged till our days and it was to open the doors of our household to people to show them the life of a regular family in the Montenegrian village at the seaside. We try to show the guests the ways of life of the past centuries and also the possibility of uniting the history with the present and the future” – says Stojkovic.

He also told us the history of his family and the way his ancestors built their lives in the estate.

“When our ancestors moved to the peninsula they saw that this land was the best for growing olive trees and making olive oil. But that wasn’t enough for earning their living and that is why one brother was always a sailor and was sending money to the other brother so that he would build the house and take care of the household. 7 generations grew up in this house. It survived during the earthquake of 1979 and was repaired in 2006 remaining its original appearance. The mill which is located within the estate was the first type of the press for making olive oil in these lands – it has remained and still working” – says Stojkovic.

The absolute charm to the place is given by the stone area with a perfect view of the Herceg-Novi bay, the place where the meat is dried and the area where the traditional meat is grilled on the open fire.

Nowadays there are around 200 olive trees, a garden, 15 goats, pigs and chickens at the estate. All the work at the estate is done by my father Zoran, my mother Borka, my grandmother Danica and me” – Jovan explained.

He also added that along with the traditional treats which the guests can try everyone always mentions the meaning of the saved family traditions and the fact that the Stojkovic family has been living in the estate for such a long period.

As our guest said, the visitors are thankful for the opportunity to live in their house.

“They spend some time with us and get to know a totally different way of life. This estate is initially our home where we live all year round, the financial aspect has less meaning than the fact that we accepted people to our home”, Jovan says and adds that farming without the tourism aspect can not become a way of earning the living especially in their village.

He points out that the uniting of these two directions is the optimal touristic offer.

“At the present time this type of earning money isn’t all-sufficient, but regarding the fact that Montenegro is running the policy of authorizing agriculture lands we are sure that our idea is the idea of the future! That kind of earning money is very popular. At the estate we do all sorts of things – work with animals, trees, garden, people, do marketing and communication. Here a person who has a lot of ideas in his head can generate them and reach development ” – Jovan said.

He advises his contemporaries before sending their CVs to some foreign big company to look at their surroundings and see what they can offer to them.

“Compare working in an office and outdoors. Don’t make any important steps in your life out of someone elses opinion. Give freedom to your young spirit and creativeness. Believe in yourself and live in union with the nature” – Jovan concludes.

“No matter how a person tries to separate himself from the nature and take control over it, he knows deep down in his soul that nature and people can not be divided. Living in the village – is living in the nature with human needs, but by natural law. Here the time passes slower and quieter and any disturbance can be fixed by the tweet of a sparrow. There is no room for depression or bad mood in the village, here one inhales life with every sunrise. We work with living objects here. We are planting stock, watering it, taking care of it and in the end we are eating something that we have grown with our own hands. We raise animals from the day of their birth, show them how to get milk from their mothers, watch them grow and get attached to them with all our hearts. Each day is different from the other and each day brings something new. The life in a village is way more interesting than it can appear at first glance” – Jovan Stojkovic

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