Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Abbey Duljevo, Miločer

Duljevo Monastery is located in the mountains northeast of Milocer, on a plateau beneath the rocky elevations. Known for a series of written sources of later times, apart from the fact that here a monk and MILUTINA, erected, according to tradition, at the time of Emperor Dusan. According to the same tradition, it was the property of Decani. Discovery after the earthquake testify to the oral tradition, probably based on real data. The monastery consists of a church and living quarters. The church has two parts, the older eastern and later, much later period added, to increased space for believers. The church from XIV century ., One-nave building with a semicircular apse at the east side, slightly pointed vaulted ceiling. Distinctive seems small medieval churches in Budva area. Older quarters of Duljevo is neglected, has characteristics of old paštrovskih house : a square base, the low height of floors, thick walls and small windows, which according to external parties have a form, and proportions loophole. The new part of the two-storey dormitory building simple architecture, adapted to the newer way of life. It was used for the school .

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