Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Abbey Praskvica, Miločer

Praskvica Monastery, which is named after the creek whose water tasted like peach flavor ( called praskva in this region ), is situated on a hill above Milocer. Best known and most frequently mentioned monastery in the history Pastrovic Praskvica, is above Milocer beach, above the modern highway. Make it narrower monastery complex, large church dedicated to St.. Nicholas and shelter, and the small church of Sv. Trinity, which is located at a short distance from the monastery. Today, the main feature is the large monastery church, built in 1847. Spacious nave building with a semicircular apse at the east side, there is the middle of the octagonal dome, which bears the design of ribbed vaults. On the facades are also seeing the Gothic details. This church is podugnuta the remains of foundations of Balsa III, the ruler of Zeta, 1413.. Inside you can see the remains of the north wall Balsini church, and the altar apse of the narthex. On them was built north wall of the new church. Builders Balsini church saw were in Serbian architecture in XIII. Konak is a relatively large building, where you can see at least two phases, the elderly, according to tradition, originated from Balašinog time. Small church dedicated to St.. Trinity is a simple single-nave building with a semicircular apse at the east end, a barrel vaulted ceiling. I do not know her date of origin. The walls are frescoes from the XVII century. Next to it is a smaller one-story building, where she worked the famous monastery school Praskvica. Modest library, which is still located there, which is used to Kanda was richer, guarded by the monastery generations of forgetfulness and the Islamization of faith, a monastery fresco painting glow origin and habits of life .

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