Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Abbey Stanjevići, Budva

In the possession of the Monastery of Cetinje, in addition to many other goods, were the monasteries Podostrog and Stanjevići. Situated in a beautiful Prisoje above Budva, in the center of four other municipalities, the former Lower Zeta (Maine, Pobor Brajića and Grblja ), inhabited predominantly orthodox people, they were very important, strategic foothold, not only religious but also political and national significance. Montenegrin bishops, especially those of the Petrovic, were aware of the great importance of these two monasteries. In these decades were carried all the bishop’s office, starting from the service of God, the ordination of priests ( Dositeja Obradovic, 1764., The consecration of Archimandrite Dalmatian Bishop Gennady Vasiljevic, Stevan Ljubobratović Bishop, Bishop Sava Petrovic and others), applying to the jurisdiction of the church. Stanjevići Monastery was the spiritual and political center of Bishop Basil Petrovic. Its long, but not a lot of fruitful life, lived in Stanjevici, where he died in 1781. Was. But why is it spent quite a lot of the largest and most significant Montenegrin bishop before Njegosa, Petar I Petrovic. It has come to the fore and his pen. and the largest number of pages of your Code of 1798. – known as the Code of Peter I – written exactly in a monastic cell, in the monastery Stanjevići .

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