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Purchase Orlic located in ğenovići on Herceg Novi Riviera, in the village 7 km away from Herceg Novi. The city center can be reached by public transport in 12 minutes, the car still brže.Đenovići Đenovići in Venetian documents appear under the name Gionoevich. This area was settled in the Greco – Roman era, the settlement tables ( Stolium ), which is in an ancient earthquake plunged into the sea. Even today, a few feet deep in front of the homonymous locality table in ğenovići, can not perceive the sea walls of regular geometric shape, which must once have been above sea level. It is the archaeological site of Stoli discovered rimskog marble head of Emperor Domitian. It is now a specific case saves valuable artifact in the Bay Lapidarium and there can be seen. traces of life from the Illyrian period are also visible in this area. Church of Religious monuments. Stephen, parochial church from in 1870. year, with the iconostasis painted by Christopher Rafailović ( from the famous fresco painting school Rafailović ). icon of a very mysterious because it is a Christianized blend of paganism with Christianity. particular interest in this church is the antimins pop Komnena out in 1703. g. Church of Sv. Simeon Stylite was built about 500 years ago, now restored and rebuilt. Church of Sv. Spyridon from in 1870. year. Church of Sv. Nicholas, was built 450 years ago, renovated in 1802. g. iconostasis was in 1806. radio Nikola Aspioti. Shroud exquisite craftsmanship applied to the church Ana Stefanovic, born Cvjetković, was in 1884. Near the church there is a cell that has for many years worked in the past National škola.Životinjsko Empire in ğenovići, in the courtyard Tomanovića, there is a small, so-called. Boka Disneyland, full of handmade pieces, ostriches, crocodiles, lions, camels, domestic goats to protrude through the bushes pittosporum torbira, the group’s Snow White and the seven dwarfs, the group Muppet Show and other gypsum kolorizovanih figure, originally intended for the grandchildren of the family Tomanović. A part of this atmosphere today can be noticed from the coastal road. * Facility accommodation Orlic located under the Adriatic Highway, just 150 m from the sea, whose quality in all periodic surveys of the Institute for Marine Biology, is always first class. The building is located in an environment where there is no loud music night. right place for a perfect holiday, isolated enough to defy civilization heritage, and close enough to the sea to be proud of their privileged position. pool surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation provides an intimate haven in which all intervals relishing want to afford and what by the coast, depending on the seasonal frequencies, often could not. high class rooms, a bathroom, a double bed, air conditioning, minibar, dressing table, TV setelitskom – benefits further underscore the promising level. Triple rooms have a balcony overlooking the sea and the day and night events at the pool. Some double and triple rooms are oriented to zaleđue, lots of authentic coastal vegetation. These rooms without balconies. pool in the house has the following dimensions : 12 x 6 m, and the three levels, depths from 80 to 240 cm. Orilca Disorders yard in the shade, and parking for all vehicles that come to our destination direct access to the Adriatic highway. The building has its own water supply, which in the case of rare shortage automatically included in the system. organize organize tourist boat cruises to all the popular destinations. Our guests are welcome to the old coastal towns Rose ( originally Porto Rose, Rose Bay ), the idyllic resort Žanjice, and from there to the famous Blue Caves and the Islands Mamula at the entrance to the Gulf. Guests organize a tour boat in the interior of the Gulf, to Perast, Perast to the island, with an emphasis on unique global attraction – an artificial island of Our Lady of the Rock, a unique nautical museum, built around the original when the rock and about specific tradition that the island was a stone embankment every 22 July – in memory of the day when you get to this place for years 1452, miraculously found myself wandering the icon (which can still be seen on the altar of the island’s Catholic Church ). organize boat tours of Kotor, the capital city of Kotor, in which, statistically, is 60 % of the total immovable cultural heritage of Montenegro. also organize boat trips to the island of flowers, that is. to the island Miholjska coatings – to the place where the Saint Sava in person, in 1219, built the first Zeta bishop. The Island of Flowers today at the monastery. Our guests are buses to the city. We organize monastery tours, excursions to Lake Skadar, but also to the nearby Dubrovnik, an ancient city in the immediate neighborhood. atmosphere rafting on Tara river, drifting atmosphere Tear of Europe, can also be arranged at our facility. Prices : Price beds for the 2010 season in the rooms with balcony is 12 euros. Price beds in a room without a balcony on the second floor of 11 euros on the first floor of 10 euros and 9 euros ground. children in the room with parents 50% discount. Children up to 2 years. charge. children in a separate room have popust.Instrukcije FOR RESERVATION ( 30 %): Intermediary Bank : Commerzbank AG Frankfurt / M, Germany FR Swift Address : COBADEFF BLZ 50040000 Bank: / 400 87 68 293 00 EUR Commercial Bank AD Budva Swift address : KOBBMEP2 Acc.No. / IBAN : ME25525440000873380012 address : Herceg Novi, Montenegro reservations can be done through value write to: Vasiljevic Anica, 85345 Djenovici bb Herceg Novi, Montenegro

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