Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Almara beach club, Radovići

Almara Beach Club is an exclusive beach club in Oblatno ten kilometers from Kotor to Radovic and Blue Horizons, which provides a luxurious beach holiday and can be reached from the land as well as yachts and smaller boats. Basic elements Almare the exclusive restaurant leading Italian chef Francesco Ruggiero, an exotic cocktail bar, and for those who want to separate from the view of others enjoy the splendid nature offer an exclusive four-poster luxury beds and deck chairs. Guests can try the most exclusive wines and champagnes. For those who escaped from work and want to do things remotely accessible wireless Internet connection is good quality. When you go to Almar will not find the place crowded lounges. The large space allows you to have separated into their privacy with a friend, a friend or friends. To make sure you will have a place you can book a baldachin, a beach chair or place in a restaurant. prices are fixed so there is something for everyone. Coffee and refreshments as well as in Podgorica, and cocktails, exclusive food and wine more expensive. However, you are only a few meters from the sea, and it comes with a cost, which is not a surprise. baldachin is 25 euros, and two very comfortable and luxurious lounge chairs and sun umbrella are from 5 to 15 euros, depending on the position .

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