Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments and rooms – VILLA Abramovich BEČIĆI, Becici

For tourists who are traveling by car on the Montenegrin coast, and love silence, MOUNTAIN PEACE, clean air, recreational walking, visiting monasteries and all this while enjoying in the sea. LOCATION: Between St. Stefan and Budva ( village Kuljace ) ; 3.5 km from the highway ; 420 m above sea level. Accommodation includes : two and three bedroom apartment ( 5 double bedrooms, 2 with double beds, 2 bathrooms, a summer shower with two beds, kitchen with dishes, 4 refrigerators, washing machine, 4 terraces, garden, parking) Rates: – bed – 9 euros a day – Two-room apartment 35 euros a day – three-room apartment 45 euros a day – full -floor 75 euros a day prices apply for high season ( July and August). low season 15% discount Subtitles Advance payments with a discount and reservation confirmation negotiated on CONTACT PHONE : 064/122-88-54, 067/380-827 Dusko Abramovic

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