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Perast lies a hill. Elias ( 873 ), opposite the strait chains: and the place where they are separated Kotor and Risan Bay. Far as we know, this is the oldest settlement on the shores of the bay. the remains of Neolithic culture ( 3500 years. BC ), as well as numerous archaeological findings testify to the continuing settlement of Illyrian, Roman and early Christian times to the present. long time the city was in Venetian authorities, after which he took over the French under Napoleon, and then the Austro – Hungarian Empire. What Perast a city, regardless of its size, is not only a large number of buildings of a public nature (churches, chapels, palaces, Archdiocese, court, etc. ), but also a sophisticated level of urban structure. in an old stone house we offer you an apartment with two bedrooms (one with a double bed and the other with 2 +1 beds) with private bathroom, kitchen and wide corridor. We also offer room ( 2 +1 ) with terrace. Guests have access to cable TV, parking and a free trip to the island. nearby are several restaurants where you can enjoy the Mediterranean kitchen. Prices ( apartment): 1 July – 1 September 70 euros 50 euros Other Period Rates (room ): 1 July – 1 September 40 euros 30 euros Other Period

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