Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – apartments, Dobre Vode, 50m from the Great Sand Beach (Veliki Pjesak), Dobre vode, Veliki pijesak

6km from Bara is a village with good water Great Sand Beach whose water is one of the cleanest and our building is 50 meters from its center. Our facility is new and the floor has 4 bedroom apartmana.Svaki of them has its own fully equipped stainless steel kitchen utensils, fridge and electrical frying pan with 2 ringle.Za bed is a double bed, from which it draws one single bed, two bunk beds and extra bed inflatable. Each apartment has its own toilet with shower and wardrobe, table with stolicama.Na floor is a large covered terrace with plenty of tables and chairs and garden roštilj.Naša and bedding that we wash and menjamo.U ground floor 2 bedroom apartment. The living room is the kitchen, corner sofa that can be converted into a double bed, one Single bed, coffee table, table and chairs, chest of drawers for storing things. The bedroom is upstairs as just a dressing table with ogledalom.U corridor are still showcases a bathroom is komfornije.U ground is also a terrace with tables and chairs and a large garden grill. Available to all the outdoor kitchen with gas stove 3 burner for faster kuvanje.Svi apartments have a more.Cena is per person per day and is dependent on the time of season, number of guests in the apartment and moving to a small apart.od € 15 up to 30 €, and the large from 35 € to 60 €. Call, we will agree. Contact: Dejan, Dragana, Predrag, Costa, +381600328283 ; +381603328283 ; +38163600606 ; +381638105669 ; +38135328283 ; +38135328479 ; +381358820676 ; dejan.antic @

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