Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments Iva, Budva

Welcome to Budva, pearl of Montenegrin tourism and 2500 years old city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Most beautiful beaches, and open blue sea, clear as a bell, is a unique natural and tourist attractions of the southern Adriatic. If want to visit Budva and spend your vacation in our city let you in front of the apartment Iva welcome you and offer you a pleasant stay in our accommodation complex. With a pleasant atmosphere and traditionally hospitable people, stay in the apartment Iva will remain in your memory. Capacity: 1 triple room 7 double rooms 2 single bed apartments + 2 additional beds 3 double bed apartments + 2 additional beds 3 bed apartments + 2 additional beds 1 bed apartment +1 additional bed Luxury apartment ( bedroom, 6 beds +2 additional beds) 54 beds +19 extra beds All apartments have air condition, TV, balcony, kitchen, private bathroom, cable TV reception. rooms have air condition, TV, bathroom, minibar, terrace, dressing table. Apartments Iva possess its own water tank so that the water supply ensured non -stop in the villa, there is a parking place for 4 cars and a restaurant for the guests of the villa. in the vicinity are are 2 supermarkets, garden grill, kiosks and other related sales and service facilities. can use phone and an internet connection. Apartments are situated about 350 m. within the apartment there are beautiful beaches on the Adriatic ‘ Bay board. Bay Ploce Caffe Bar, National Restaurant, Beach Club most beautiful rocky beach on the Adriatic clear sea, beach service, sun, sea and you! Driveway, parking space provided, children’s pool, a coffee bar, a national restaurant, beach activities (volleyball, basketball, cycling, sailing, boat rentals … )

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