Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – APARTMENTS KOPITOVIĆ Petrovac, PETROVAC

KOPITOVIĆ APARTMENTS ARE PETROVAC in a quiet neighborhood near the city’s beach ( about 270m away ) and yet far from the noise and GUŽVE.KUĆA is situated in landscaped courtyard in the shade of the fig and vine. We offer: 1 bed studio in the courtyard area AROUND 25kvm, with a kitchen area, air-conditioning, WIFI, Cable TV. 2 triple apartments in the courtyard area AROUND 25 sqm, separate kitchen, new bathrooms, Air conditioning, WiFi, cable TV. 3 Double Suite In the courtyard, fully equipped, ideal for couples. 4 apartment for five persons on the first floor COMPLETELY RENOVATED , great, TWO, area of ​​about 47 square meters, with a large kitchen, a terrace with a beautiful view of the sea.Apartman is air-conditioned, WiFi, cable TV. ( PICTURES COMING SOON ) 5 apartment for five people on the second floor COMPLETELY RENOVATED NA sea.Apartman is air-conditioned, WiFi, cable TV. prices range from 7- 15e depending on the period and suites that dial. for our guests with provided private parking in the courtyard ! NAM GOOD DOSLI !

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