Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments Maric Djenovići, Đenovići

If you want to get away from city crowds and spend a perfect vacation place for you apartments Maric in Djenovicima. It is located on the coast, has 2 suites and 9 rooms ( total 30 beds ). furnished in a rustic style furniture, satellite TV, internet access, fridge, air conditioning and heating. Within the building there is a sandy beach and concrete for support facilities in order to make your stay more comfortable stay. Within offers a restaurant Fiammanti With the best wines in the comfortable surroundings of surrender to the incredible taste of our cuisine which are represented in Mediterranean and international dishes as well as specialties of local cuisine. pleasant stay in care is a highly professional staff. dining hall with 70 seats decorated in a classical style, classy combination of solid wood, marble and wrought iron. While sitting in the restaurant you resting on the high seas. Maric Apartments are located in the center of Djenovici on the coast. Djenovici – this little place are God’s gift to the modern tourist wherever he came. coast is 2 km long and stringed small sand and concrete beach. Thanks to the mild climate in Djenovicima represented different types of vegetation. famous festival dedicated mimosa flower reflected in February, then in Djenovicima big festa.Tokom of whole 12 months Djenovic refuge probiljivoj tourist clientele. are nearby Tivat airport 12 km and 35 km Dubrovnik.

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