Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments Mihajlo Đilović, Kumbor

Michael Đilović Apartments are located in Kumboru 5 km from Herceg Novi in ​​the direction of Kotor. – Michael Đilović Apartments are situated 50 meters. – Parking space is provided in front of the house. There are three and four apartments. – Each apartment has the terrace facing the sea. – All apartments are equipped with TV and air conditioning. – In front is ptostrano courtyard with tables for sitting and using roštilja.Cijena 1 /3 Apartment 1/4 Apart from 01.06.- 20.07. 15 euros 20 euros From 20:07 to 20:08. 30 euros 40 euros The price does not include tourist tax of 1 euro per adult person.

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