Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments Radojković, Orahovac

We offer you a holiday on the Adriatic sea in Montenegro, in the Bay of Kotor in the small fishing village of Orahovac. If you’re a fan of warm seas, clear water, gravel beaches and Mediterranean vegetation, our apartments are the place for you. If you want to spend your vacation without the crowds, pushing, waiting in queues and looking for parking decide for our apartments. RADOJKOVIĆ Apartments are in a house on the beach. In our villa you have all the amenities to spend a memorable holiday and the prices are very affordable. * The whole house is covered with wireless internet. * The beach is sandy and suitable for children. * On the terrace, which is by the sea, you can enjoy the sun and socialize. * a water problem there ! We just need to call us or write an email and make a deal. We offer a four- or five-bed apartments and double or triple rooms.

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