Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments Sekulic, Bečići

Apartments Sekulic engaged in the service sector issuance studio apartment for 10 years and so far we have managed to satisfy all your needs and requirements, with the aim to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable. you will enjoy the beautiful surroundings of greenery and flowers, peace and quiet. ideal place for a holiday. Because of such a long tradition and quality, our apartments are from the beginning of their work with their offer was known as one of the best in the region. We are located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel Queen of Montenegro. We are located just 400m from the beach. Within 50m are brojnni restaurants and mini martket. We offer apartments and studio apartments. Each of them is equipped with a whole -kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, terrace with awning, air conditioning, cable TV, Internet access ( wirles ) and parking space. own their water tanks so that the problem of water scarcity is turned off.

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