Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Apartments Skocidjevojka, Skočiđevojka

Skocidjevojka Apartments are located in the village Skocidjevojka, the most prominent cape on budvankoj Riviera, known as a place of love. Where is the legend Ruza girl jumped into the sea because of unrequited love about this event is written Montenegrin writer Stephen M. Ljubisa. house where the apartments are located is more than 300 years ago and renovated it. It has five apartments, two studio and 3 four. The apartments are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning and wireless internet connection. All apartments have sea views. In the courtyard of the apartment Skocidjevojka is a large outdoor pool with terrace, below which there is a gym. Up to two wild beaches are within 10 minutes minutes on foot, and the nearest sandy beaches is Drobni sand located 2 km. Mini market is 400m away and within 1km, there are three restaurants. Once a week, the hosts organize a traditional dinner Paštrovska priced from 10 euros per person. Skocidjevojka village 5km from St Stephen’s and 5km from Pertovca.

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