Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – arsenal, Kotor

Arsenal building is located in the northeast corner of the Square of Arms, which according to him was named. His position was determined by the terms of that place, and also the mighty bastion citadel with a tower Campana in the northwestern corner of the town of Kotor, and the existence of the shipyards on the coast in front of the bastions of the citadel. The Square of Arms, in front of Arsenal, they gathered protected the town before the onset of the war danger, for example, was the invasion armada famous Algerian pirates, Hajrudina Barbarosa, in 1539. sailed Kotor, but after three days, stepped down due to their resistance. the Kotor Arsenal equipped with the war galleys of Kotor, called St. Tryphon. to complete change appearance and remodeling in the early sixties of the last century, this building has a very high and steep roof, and only one story that stood in powerful arcades above ground over which the front door which says it is Public warehouse material for the basin. On the floor was entered from the square exterior stone staircase, which is removed at the end of the nineteenth century ., when the Arsenal building was turned into a major military bakery, which supplied the garrison in Kotor. When predgradnje these old buildings, for the present purpose nadozidani the side walls up to the second floor, so that today there is a ground floor and two upper floors.

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