Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Boat Trips from Petrovac, Montenegro, Petrovac

If You would like to have a boat trip on the open sea, or to visit some of the most beautiful wild beaches in Montenegro, or to cruise from town to town, just contact us. We can arrange (almost) every type of one-hour or several-hours boat trips.
Trips are carried out by power boat (cruising speed is approx. 50 km/h) with room for 5 persons and accessories.
Price for boat trip depends on hours of ride – every hour of ride costs 110 €. For each hour of ride You get one hour of visit to the beaches or other places You would like.
For example, two hours excursion from Petrovac to Budva cost 110 € – You will spend approx. one hour riding in boat and one hour for visiting Budva and local beaches, for swimming, sunbathing, diving, etc. Similar scenario is for visiting Queen’s Beach (near Canj, Montenegro), or Sveti Stefan.
If You would like to have panoramic trip of Petrovac coast (15 minutes ride), the price is 13 €/person.

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