Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Carine (archaeological site), Risan

Archaeological site of Customs be confirmed by the existence of settlements from the period of Roman rule in the region over a period of I- IV in. n. e. Here are found the remains of several large buildings of a public character as well as abundant movable archaeological material, such as is Arretine and gnathia ceramics, Illyrian and Roman coins, etc.. Previous studies suggest that this is a very valuable site where you can expect valuable information for the study of the history of the Roman Empire in the Bay, but the previous Illyrian period. Kotor and Polish archaeologists discovered the site of Customs in Risan 4,600 coins king Balajosa, Illyrian rulers of the II -III century BC Warsaw University professor Piotr Diček says that the most numerous numismatic finds in Europe found in one place. Is particularly important, because it is about the Illyrian- Hellenistic period, II -III century BC, when the Risan obviously at the peak economic power. customs, in the lower part of town, it was revealed Hellenistic bathroom. From the second century BC – IV century BC at the customs is a great forum, warehouse and cemetery .

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