Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Castle Fault thumb, Dobrota

The palace is situated in the central part Goodness, about 4 km from Kotor. Was named Criminal thumb on the main facade, which has a characteristic slight fracture at the base. Palace ‘s form was received at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth century thanks to Captain Anton Bozov Radimir, who at that time was one of the richest captain in the Boki. He owned several boats, and during Napoleon’s occupation of the Bay gave the French government a loan for the purchase of salt. The list of houses in 1808. Palace was owned by Luke Mark Radimir and estimated at 3 000 florins. Family Radimiri ranks first in goodness for wealth and the number of captains who gave ( 110 ). They had 44 ships and 24 houses in various places that hard to Kotor. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the most prominent representatives of the fraternity were: Knight Bozo Radimir ( 1738-66 ), Krsto Works ( 1766-1832 ), the holder of the Legion of Honor earned in the time of Napoleon and Filip Trip’s ( 1828-1901 ), the holder of a diploma of the Russian Black Sea Command during the Crimean war in 1854. matter. Palace later in the female line became the property Dabinović, so now its owners heirs shipowners Boza Dabinović. wrong thumb is the front, open courtyard away from the coastal times. The palace has a ground floor, two Sptar and potkovlje which is central, at the junction of two parts, a smaller set vidionica. Lom on the facade of the wrong Palace was not created for aesthetic reasons, but as a result of the need to expand the palace. In the first stage there is present north wing of the palace, while the south later upgraded. The idea that the upgrading achieve the impression of a single look was achieved entirely. This is especially true symmetrical placing holes in the facades and balconies, as well as the central setting vidionice. On the second floor, on both wings, there is one balcony on stone consoles with ornaments – acanthus leaves. On the first floor of the palace is a salon. Only the extension of the palace was possible to achieve the Baroque concept of space, a four-room salon. The ground floor of the palace there is a restaurant with two entrances. In the last part of the kitchen and utility room. Behind the palace is a large courtyard surrounded by a high stone wall, behind which were spread terraced gardens .

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