Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Cathedral of St. Tryphon, Kotor

Cathedral of Sveti Tripun in Kotor on the scale of his mature style has no predecessor on the east coast. This imposing building in the mature Western European Romanesque style, was built in the mid- twelfth century on the foundations of the old church, which is mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, and to the early ninth century. During its long history the cathedral church has experienced many sufferings, reconstruction and development. Treasury, was reconstructed in 1657., with lavish baroque decoration is the work of renowned Venetian sculptor Francesco Cabianca. It is rich in silver case, made ​​in the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. The artwork is great value and a golden bowl with ornaments, which holds the skull of St. Tryphon. Renaissance masterpiece is the silver cross of the fifteenth century which is endowed bishop of Kotor Marino Kantareno. There is a small sarcophagus of Greek marble, in which (according to legend, in 809 ) Venetian merchants transferred all authority. Tryphon of Constantinople to Kotor .

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