Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Verige

From the Chain is a magnificent view of the inner Bay of Kotor. On the promontory that looks towards Perast is the Church of Our Lady of the Angels. The church is old, mentions the year 1526. 1585 years, it was built around the defensive wall with loopholes for defense against the Turks and pirates. Namely, when the Turks in 1482 was Herzeg coast to Risan, were constantly harassed and n apadali Venetian territory on the other side of the bay. As in the chains in the narrowest bay, 300, the Venetians had to stand guard around the clock. Church of Our Lady of the Angels in 1585 was converted into a kind of fortress from which stood guard. There are interesting defensive walls with loopholes cistjerne, as well as the assembly of the medieval building. The year 1469 is mentioned in the chains, and the church of Our Lady of the Snows, in the old days pozntaa called De Rex. The above-mentioned churches were damaged on the 15th of May, 1654, during the attack on the Turks in Herceg Perast. That same year they renewed. In addition to the Venetian government built by the Austrians in the chains in various fortifications, this was their big powder magazine. During the last war, although the Italians carefully guarded warehouse, several partisans had given up the gunpowder in the air is the ninth of July in 1942.

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