Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of Santa Maria in Punta, Budva

The oldest building dating back precisely in Budva Church of Santa Maria in Punta. In her rarely rised wall, inside, is built into the stone slab from which to read that the church was founded 840 years. The church stands on the northwestern edge of the city, with several architectural layers – in a small picture of events on the ground. For the story of the medieval Budva interesting is its rectangular apse, facing south. According to the method of construction, the elongated blocks of stone arranged in horizontal rows, as well as the pointed arch, belongs to a mature romance, from the time in which they occur in this area, the first elements of the Gothic. Original construction, in all probability, belongs also part of the nave apse which extends to the north. Everything else is built on later, mainly in the seventeenth century. The basic idea of ​​the church, a rectangular nave with a rectangular apse was built in the time of which we ascribe construction of the apse. According to the idea, it was a typical preaching church, one of those which are in the coastal raised in all cities in late thirteenth or early fourteenth century .

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