Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Anne, Kotor

Church of Sv. Anne, in the eastern part of the old town of Kotor, was originally dedicated to St. Martin. It was built at the beginning of the thirteenth century in the Romanesque style, and embellished during the first half of the fourteenth century. Today, the church has two ships separated by one column and the corresponding upper frame, two semicircular apse at the east end, two portal on the west, and the octagonal dome on a square pedestal. The roof and dome are covered with stone slabs. The remains of fresco painting from 15.v. and attributed to Lawrence Marino’s Dobričević. Especially important is the play of St. Martin, where the church was originally dedicated to the eastern wall of the apse of the altar, on which is written in the vernacular, and sv.Hristofora in front of the church, which is assumed to be from 14.v.

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