Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Anthony, Lepetani

The parish church of St. Anton of Padua građenoj 1760 he has been the altar painting of Our Lady of the Rosary with St. Anton and Sv.Dominika. PART belongs Tjepolovoj school of the eighteenth century. The painting was donated to the church PATRUN Anton Damjanovic, shipowner from Lepetani. In the church there is also a picture of Michael Floria Perast, as well as a very interesting picture of the Virgin unknown Franciscan of 1869. Together with the parish office and front paved courtyard forms a whole which is a kind of social center Tripovici. With the high places of a unique view of the entire western part of the bay. There is also the image of St. Peter and St. Paul, the work of the Italian painter Francesco .

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