Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Cosmas and Damian, Muo

Church of Sv. Cosmas and Damian Church is the only church in the Bay, which carries the title of the saints and martyrs of the first centuries of Christianity. Situated on a hillside Squirrel Photo, above the present village Muo, about 200 meters from the shore to which it links old staggered way. Dominates over the place as its eternal guardian. Distinguished by its understated beauty and silence their bells while peacefully in his inner being and surroundings keeps the graves of their deceased residents. With them together, but the ninth century, the Church of St.. Cosmas and Damian, witnesses to the faith that has not tailed off in this beautiful place near Kotor. Which was not previously known to us, but these nine centuries much to briefly be described. Data are from the thirteenth century the building and dedication of our church. It is not difficult to conclude that the church was built by Marni fishermen giving up a little of what it would be acquired by hard work and modest living. Over the centuries that have kept coming church grew along with their place until the last update in 1784., When it gained its current appearance. Today it is a one-nave structure oriented north- south, with the main marble altar at the south entrance and a bell tower with three bells on the north side. Its facade has two rosettes above the main entrance on the north side and the east side of the sea. All this makes it a very interesting and unique architectural jewel of the area. The church in which the plates graves with inscriptions and reliefs family coat of arms, made ​​of stone slabs. Recognize the graves Lukovića, Pasković, Simovic, Sablić Petovića, Jankovic and others whose labels can not easily read. The very architecture of the church from the second half of the 18th century included older building at the southwest corner which reveals that the church at that time was within the framework of a larger architectural complex whose remains exist on the west side .

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