Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Dujme, Kotor

One of the most interesting, but lesser-known monuments in the area of ​​Kotor is a complex of churches in the Holy Domnio Škaljari, the plateau slopes Vrmac. Holy Domnio surrounded by orchards and gardens, is the only surviving medieval landscape of Kotor nobility. For decades the left to the ravages of time, and today the ruins overgrown with vegetation and, until recently, with little chance that in the near future reconstruction. However, the initiative comes from Split carries hope for this monument. The municipality of Split, on the occasion of the Great Jubilee of the city and its patron Saint Duje, expressed its intention to renew the Church of the Holy Domnio in Škaljari, as in Kotor biskupiniji accepted with approval. In this regard, Don Anton Belan reminiscent of the age-old ties of the Diocese of Kotor and Split Metropolia, as well as Split and Kotor, and recently a resumption of ties between the two cities. In the literature, the Church of the Holy Domnio in Škaljari construction period determines the period of September to the beginning of the eleventh century, that is. when the Gulf was subject to the jurisdiction of the diocese of the Archdiocese of Split, one of the assumptions is that the church was built by one of the bishops of Kotor in honor of St. Dujam, Bishop Soliński. The church has a single nave oriented east- west, with a semicircular apse at the east end ( the portal with lunette and a window on the west side ). It was built on a plateau that formed the two -storey interconnected buildings – said architect. Zoran Milosevic, the analysis indicates that the building at the west end of the church there is a hollow square in which is probably an inscription donors, which has so far remained unknown. The proposed conservation and projects it proposes a contemporary presentation of the monument – predicts that the ground is located atelier with an exhibition area, a church that is a function of its architectural presentation, with the arrangement of the surrounding monuments .

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