Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Ivana, Budva

Significant buildings in Budva is the Catholic Church of St.. Ivana, with whom, until 1828., The seat of the diocese. It is not clear when the church was built. It was built in the seventh century. The present church was built on its foundations. Was destroyed in the earthquake of 1667.. The church has a number of important old icons from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Appearance and condition in which it now is probably the result of reconstruction after the earthquake. It is a three-aisled vaulted building, straight over to the east side, with lateral extensions in front of the altar. With its north side was built a bell tower, completed in 1867. Was the type of Dalmatian belfry which are then built. On the south side of the building, which was first used as a bishop’s palace. Treated in a rough, almost rustic art in neo-gothic way, gothic windows. Obviously, this is a romantic echo of understanding the architecture of the XIX century .

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