Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Jovan Vladimir (Dobre Vode), Bar

Church of Saint John Vladimir in Dobra Voda, is one of the older churches in the area with an unknown date of origin. The church on the site was repeatedly changed its external appearance and size. Because the tooth of time, tectonic disturbances, and partly by human negligence, was brought to the stage neuputrebljivosti, and there was a need for renewal and re- construction. At this point in 1925 caught a smallish church. First bell for the church of Saint John Vladimir gave the Duke Mirko and Princess Darinka the Montenegrin court. This bell was claimed Austrian occupation units for their defense industries. Bell residents have been buried in order to save it, but was found and taken away. Earthquake 1979 The church was demolished to the ground, so that the multi-year reconstruction lasted until 2001 when the church was re- consecrated on February 2.

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