Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of St. Nicholas, Bar

Church of St. Nicholas in Ambouli, Old Bar was built in 1863 The circumstances under which the construction took place not recorded. One of the few written records found in the notes to the Russian consul in Shkodra Ivana S. Hawks, who, among other things, had the task of protecting the Christian population in Shkodra region and follows movement in Montenegro, which had not yet included the area of ​​Bara. Jastrebov in his writings was just stingy in giving the details of the church, although it is obvious to them that he knew, because he says in Bar church was built in 1863 with Russia, and that without his knowledge and commitment could not be achieved. Otherwise, except for a small church built on the same site ( farm Talušića ) 1842.g. about which there is no data, it was the first church in the area of ​​Bara built during Ottoman rule, which began in 1571 According to medieval engravings from the 1550th in 1571. ( Comutio ) and 1688th ( Coronelli ) it is obvious that in this area before there was significant church building.

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