Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Church of the Virgin Rize, Bijela

Rarely architectural complex church above the coastal part of a small bokeškog of White, in the hamlet of Val, near Herceg Novi, there is a church dedicated to the Virgin Shirts. This rare architectural church complex consists of two buildings : the elderly, which is believed to have been built at the turn of XII to XIII century, and later, built above the remains of the older buildings in 1824., With a bell from in 1836. Elder apse of the church belongs to something lower level which is indicative of slightly irregular shape poluelipsasti. The walls are built of rubble, a view animated rosettes that are related to the attic. Episcopal seat and three niches in the interior suggests the assumption that the church in a particular period could be a cathedral. The lower part can be identified scenes Adoration of the victim, while above it, in the hemispherical display type Virgin Oranta with open arms with the image of Christ on the chest. What is the usual iconography of the twelfth century, the Virgin, on both sides, the approach favored by two archangels. The new church, much larger in size, fits in your body remains of an older church. One-nave base with prominent pilasters dividing the bays. Above the central part of the building rises a dome resting on an octagonal drum that is outside relies on the cubic base. In front of the portal, on the west side, was built in 1836. Monumental bell tower, is broken double vents and open ground floor. Complete construction, especially the spatial conception of the bell tower, aritektonski reminiscent of the larger church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the nearby Savina monastery near Herceg Novi. The interior is decorated with magnificent, decorated with wood carvings, iconostasis partition which was in the second half of the nineteenth century, painted Greek icon painter Nikola Aspioti .

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