Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – City museum, Perast

City museum established by the Municipal Council Perasta 28 02 in 1937. Collections of the museum, collected most of their donations population, the heirs known local families during the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. In addition to portraits of famous seamen from Perast, weapons and other exhibits, there was collected archival material Perast municipality in 1441. museum was housed in the building Perast municipality, in the square next to the church of Sv. Nicholas. Museum was expanded in 1948., When it was part of the museum’s collections related to Captain Marko Martinovic, exposed in the house at the end of Perast, marking 250 years since the teaching skills of Russian naval cadet Peter the Great in St. Cross. Next stage in development of the Museum of Perast is related to the time when many established local history museums. So in 1950, the decision of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of Montenegro, the founder of Local History in Perast. Need to find a unified museum exhibits in a space that would provide adequate conditions of depositing and exposure, she began to realize a few years later. Dedicated to regulate the area most representative palace in Perast museum. Repair and Reconstruction of the palace was completed in 1957. Designed by the architect. Ivana Zdravkovic. On this occasion they were made ​​and some necessary building works, to allow connection of floor space with the first and second floor. Finally the Museum of Perast, after two decades since its inception, received a single space, a palace Bujović uses appropriate to its monumental vrijednosti.U period of the sixties and seventies Museum occupies an important place in the cultural and tourism offer of Kotor. Museum goes back to the name of the Museum of Perast in 1967 and in 1970. Annexed his memorial museum Viskovic family, which is a function of the in 1979. Matter. The final stage in the development of the museum began in 1992., When the city museum became a segment of the Municipal public institutions Museums , consisting of more Historical Museum and Gallery with the Lapidarium solidarity .

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